In Parenthesis web series

We were commissioned by Welsh National Opera to produce a series of 10x video podcasts that followed the creation of a new opera by acclaimed British composer Iain Bell. In Parenthesis is an adaptation of the World War I poem by poet, writer and artist David Jones. The above example is from episode 9 ‘Last Night in Cardiff’, see the full episode list below.
Episode 1 | Making an Opera
Episode 2 | Writing & Composing
Episode 3 | Set & Costumes
Episode 4 | David Jones The Artist
Episode 5 | First Week Rehearsals
Episode 6 | Orchestra Rehearsals First Week
Episode 7 | Stage and Piano Rehearsals
Episode 8 | The world première
Episode 9 | Last night in Cardiff
Episode 10 | Recap

Over the past five years we have produced over 300 films for theatrical arts organisations encompassing production trailers, TV adverts, video podcasts and behind-the-scenes promotional films. Working closely with marketing and communication departments we have a keen understanding for producing content that drives sales and strengthens brand across multiple social and broadcast platforms.
Welsh National Opera

 TMAX have transformed the way we deliver content to our audiences. They have been working with us for the last 5 years and for each project, no matter how ambitious they continue to deliver – they can translate the magic of what’s on stage / backstage into a neatly produced 2 minute teaser. I’d like to think with each film they excite and inspire a new generation of opera audiences – That’s quite an achievement and I owe them a lot.

–  David Massey    |   Welsh National Opera